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    Just Updated to CC

    Kenn Doyle Level 1

      I have two catalogs i work, one personal, one professional. Both are on mounted NAS drives. Im using a Macbook Pro with 10.5.1.


      I noticed yesterday that all the folders in both Catalogs had "?" indicating they file was not available which usually means the drive went to sleep for not being used. Double checking, the drives were mounted. So I opened a gallery and right clicked an image clicking on Show in Finder where it asks if I want to locate, which I do. I point it to the image, it works a moment then all the thumbnails in the gallery disappear and  the image count goes to zero.


      All the images are on the NAS so Im obviously not doing something right. Last time there was an upgrade in LR and the catalog was updated, it maintained the same names appending a 2 at the end. I need to keep the catalogs separate, so thats important.


      How do I get these 2 catalogs into LRCC?