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    t=text ; Wizard wanted!!!

      Hi everyone,
      I am fairly new with Flash, so I am starting to work on a template, which I manage to edit great so far, I was finished until I got stuck with the dynamic text, appearing like tags as soon as I open a picture. And I seem not to be able to edit the text. the actionscript says that the value of "text=t", but I cannot find the equivalent of "t" anywhere in the actionscript of the entire template. To better understand, my website is www.quirkylaure.site40.net. All tags attached to each pictures are wrong and should say something else.

      When I enable the output window with the list of variables to show up, the specification of the text such as the font, size and colour is showing there, therefore it must be written & editable somewhere, isn't it? I going mad here.

      Would anybody be an absolute wizard with Flash and spare some time with me?
      I am staying connected all day. Any help will be very appreciated.

      thank you so much in advance.