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    Unable to load movie playlist?

      I'm really starting to regret Upgrading to Director 11. I didn't have any of these issues going from MX to MX 2004. All I'm trying to do is make a simple projector work on a Mac and it's one issue after another. Not to mention all this after updating a whole boat load of Xtras 11 requires.
      The new one is this;

      Unable to load movie playlist. Does the INI file exsist? It must contain a section '(Movies)' with an entry 'Movies01=pathname.dir'.

      I've already read a couple of other forum post with the same error message going on with others but can't find certain files required to make the fix like the 'Projec32.skl',
      and I don't know how to read, let alone make an .INI file.

      I'll mention I got this error after updating to Shockwave 11 EVEN though I was not publishing a Shockwave movie.
      I know I just need to include a certain file on my CD when I burn one because all works great on the desk top, but I'm throwing darts trying to figure out what the CD burn is missing.

      So to make a long story short does anyone know what I might be missing?
      I'm new to making director movies for the Mac, and even using a Mac so I might need it spelled out a little more for being a novice.

      Thanks in advance. :o)>

      PS I tried making a Mac Projector from my PC with no good results either.