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    I need a queue for adobe premiere elements 14. To render multiple projects.


      Hi everyone I am new here and have something very important to me.

      When i render 8 videos I need something were i can select all 8 projects and have it process them all one after another. Is this possible? right now it would be nice to set it before work or at night and have it render everything.


      Currently i have

      fx 8370e oc to 4.6

      16 gb ram 2133

      evo 512 gb ssd

      5 tb storage

      gtx 970 msi

      Windows 10 pro 64 bit


      all water cooled and there is more but that is not important. What is important is i render at 1440p and 4k now and it takes about 1 hour to 1.5 hours to render and i allways have atleast 4 projects ready and using teamviwer during the day to log in to my

      pc to tell it to go to the next video is stupid, and i cant always do it. There has to be a way or something i missed that allows you to render multiple projects.


      I will be extremely happy if someone has a solution.