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    Re-install Flash Player on Windows 8


      Flash player has been deleted from Windows 8. The Adobe website does not let me download the Flash Player.

      How can I download and re-install Adobe Flash Player???

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          Hi I have that same problem.  Adobe flash will not download from the site.  What I thought was weird was that I'm only missing the flash player for IE 11.  I have shockwave and adobe reader.  Hum where did my flash player go to?  So how do I download from the adobe site (which I tried several times).  I'm working on a laptop that has a 64 bit OS.   Any help I can get would be appreciated.  Thank you.   Julie

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            maria__ Adobe Employee



            Microsoft embeds Flash Player for IE in Windows 8 and above, and considers it to be a protected file system.  A standalone installer does not exist.  If you've accidentally deleted Flash Player for IE from your Windows 8 system you can try the following:


            • Run System File Checker to repair files/permissions: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/929833
            • Find a previous Flash Player Update for IE/Edge KB article and run the installer.  See Microsoft Security Advisory 2755801 for links to KB articles for previous version of Flash Player updates for IE/Edge which contain links to download the updates.
              • You may need to do this several times until you find one that works, that is if you find one that works.


            If these options do not fix the problem, please contact Microsoft customer support (https://support.microsoft.com) or their community forums (https://answers.microsoft.com) for assistance.