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    Confused As To Which Version Of LR I'm Running


      Hi. I am considering switching from the LR/Photoshop subscription version to the non-subscription version of LR only. I have a LR 6 (non-subscription) license that came with a camera. Yesterday I chatted with Adobe support and he was able to help me register the serial number under my Adobe account. Then, I did the uninstall process for the Photoshop and LR subscription versions as well as the Creative Cloud software. After that I followed his download link for LR6 that was registered in my account. After downloading LR 6 there is a different looking welcome/credits image than before. When I click on about it says "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2015 Version -  Camera RAW 9.0. So my question is do I now have the non-monthly subscription version running on my iMac? This is probably simple but very confusing to me.