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    Is there a faster way to render the preview?


      Just like the subject says, is there a faster way to render the preview in Premiere Elements 14? Because in order for me to edit my video in real time (and see it the way it will be published), I have to render the preview; which takes more time than actually editing the video. Please help.

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          What video card/graphics card does your computer use? If Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher and it is enabled in preference, you should have Hardware Acceleration for rendering, playback, and rendering. I have not seen any report quantifying the faster aspect of this yet. Premiere Elements does not support CUDA.


          Otherwise, it is what it is in your particular computer environment with the complexity of the Timeline factoring in. Do use a lot of Shake Reduction for your clips?

          Can you find any benefit in selective rendering of the Timeline content instead of render the whole Timeline each time? To do that you set the gray tabs of the WorkArea Bar to span just the segment to be Timeline rendered.