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    Added graphic to My Library in Ai but doesn't show up in Shapes menu in Adobe Draw?

    Vonster Level 1

      I understand how to use Adobe Shapes, take a pic, create a poorly traced clip-art looking graphic and have it populate to the shapes menu in both Ai and via Adobe Draw menu.


      But as stated the quality of the image traces via the Adobe Shapes app is at best craptacular.


      So I created my own texture, image traced in Ai and added it to the "My Library" palette which is synced via CC but they won't show up in the Shapes menu in Adobe Draw? Why? Does it only allow poorly rendered graphics via Shapes? You can't create better ones from scratch and load them into the "My Library" palette? It allows you too so why isn't it working? You know I pay for CC every month, this should work. Isn't the point of CC to allow this type of workflow? It certainly isn't easy.


      And if you cannot do this why does the palette allow you to add graphics to it? What is the point if you can't?


      An I missing something?


      Of course googling for an answer or using search in this forum produces nothing that is helpful.

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          Vonster Level 1

          My bad, I forgot it's not Adobe Shapes now, It's Adobe Crapture. Or at least it should be called that.


          I think I figured out the answer, Adobe is once again strong-arming users to work the way they want. Meaning even though Ai lets you add graphics to the "My Library" palette Adobe doesn't consider those acceptable shapes and CC will not let them appear through their Mobile apps like Adobe Draw. They want you to use Adobe Capture to create your asset and compare the quality via the image below. My created from scratch texture on left, and Adobe Crapture app piss-poor version on right. Adobe approves the craptacular quality over the better quality. Adobe dictates creative, ruins aesthetic. These should all be user controlled not Adobe controlled. Adobe Crapture produces absolutely horrible results, it's no better than art explosion clip-art using their app and a pro is suppose to accept this? Nah, pay for this via our monthly pound of flesh for CC? Sorry, bad is bad and Capture (Shapes) is worse than bad it's a bag of graphic hurt.