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    How Can i send the data entered in Input text fields to e-mail?

      Iam Jennifer, Iam having a doubt in Flash, I hope that you are going to solve my problem, Iam taking 3 Static text fields as Name, Age and Country and besides each and every static text fields i have taken 3 input text fields with different instance names, when i enter my Name, Age and Country details in the input text fields and after entering those details if user clicks the submit button the data should be send to some mail address, is it possible ?

      Im not so good at action script, but i hope that any one can help me...

      Iam attaching the action script code also, please find the attachment below, the actions are given to button.

      Attach Code

      Btn.onPress = function ()
      mail_lv = new LoadVars();
      mail_lv.dummy1 = "";
      mail_lv.subject = "Details";
      mail_lv.message = "hi";
      mail_lv.username = "name_txt".text;
      mail_lv.age = "age_txt".text;
      mail_lv.country = "country_txt".text;
      mail_lv.onLoad = function ()
      trace("Sent successfully...");
      trace("mail_lv.subject = " + mail_lv.subject);
      trace("mail_lv.message = " + mail_lv.message);

      mail_lv.send("mailto:123@yahoo.com", "_blank");