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    How can I speed up Lightroom 5


      Hi all,


      I'm about to throw my PC out the window and have a melt down. I've tried so many things to speed up LR it's untrue. I'm on 5.7.1 and it says there are no more updates. It used to be fine on PC, but now it takes around 5-10 seconds flicking between each image in the develop module. I keep getting 'loading' in between images and it's massively affecting my workflow. I'm running AMD 6300 3.50ghz with 24gb RAM. Windows 7. I have an internal SSD drive. I've looked at the Adobe help and I've followed all their advice (cache size is huge, plenty of space on SSD, I render 1:1 previews on import, I've updated all Windows drivers including video, defragged disc, optimized catalog, I've uninstalled LR completely and reinstalled so now the catalog is tiny - 2500 images, running 64bit, followed the rest at Optimize performance). I only use the PC for editing so it has a minimal amount of other programs on here and I've checked for malware and viruses. All to no avail.


      I'd massively appreciate any help/advice/ideas please.



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          dj_paige Level 9

          Do you do a lot of spot healing or brushing?

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            IOL1234 Level 1

            Not really. Since I've reinstalled everything to try and speed it up, I've literally just imported 2 shoots' worth of pictures (2500 in total) and am only just starting to edit the first batch. So, it's as if the program is brand new - I deleted all the files from previous installs. I've done a global sync of a few settings (contrast, highlights, vignetting, noise removal) across the first shoot (1200) images and I've cropped some images but that's the amount of the editing I've done.


            It's driving me insane!