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    Lightroom is SLOW!!  What happened?


      The question is when will Adobe put Lightroom right again?


      When I first got Lr earlier this summer (for which I had to buy a brand new PC tower based on the specs), everything was great!  I caught on to most things in time and importing wasn't that bad.  Then Adobe "improved" the import function.... Now all of Lr seems super slow and annoyingly laggy as compared to prior to the update.  So my question is: when will Adobe make Lr work again?  I need it to work... NOW!  Please forgive my semi-ranting nature, but I have like 3,000 wedding photos that need attention so I can get paid for them.  The slower Lr runs, the more annoyed I get and the more I can't do anything fun til they are done.  If any reader happens to have any suggestions, let me know or just reply so I know I'm not the only one.  My other idea is the more Adobe knows about this, the more they can do to fix it.... Other than that... Your move, Adobe.