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    The NEW LR 25.2.1 has totally screwed up my database

    gwlco12 Level 1

      I guess in attempting to use the Import (DESTROY) feature, everything has gone awry. I really don't know what to do now.

      Thousands and thousands of my photos are now "missing". I can still see them on the hard drive in the file viewer.

      How in the h e double l did Adobe allow this farce to be sent out.

      I tried going back to the earlier LR but it will not open the catalog as "it is newer" than this version.

      I seriously need help in how to get all the 126,000 photos back into a catalog even if I have to start over and reimport. BUT THAT SCARES ME BECUASE IT IS THE 'IMPORT' THAT DID THIS TO ME.

      Where to do from here???


      Windows 10

      LR 25.2.1

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Before your rant sends other users away from providing help, can you give us some more detailed information about your plight?

          Computer OS is WIndows-10 -ok

          What Lightroom versions?  LR 25.2.1?  Going back from what to what?

          Do you still have both LR versions installed?

          Do you have backups of the catalog from the 'old' version?

          Can you see thumbnails of the 'missing' images in a catalog?

          Have you moved or renamed any folders or image files in the OS File Viewer?

          Are you trying to Import new images, or Re-import the 126,000 a second time in a new catalog?

          Screen clips of your Lightroom folders panel, and File Viewer image folders would help.

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            gwlco12 Level 1

            I am sorry it has been awhile...but I am still trying to recover from a disastrous MOVE in latest LR. I should have been kinder, for that I am sorry.

            Here is one example of how screwed up the IMPORT process is. This morning I was importing 70 images and wanted them to go to a folder under 2015/11 NOV.


            Here is where I wanted it to go:


            adobe where i wanted it.PNG


            In its own inimitable way, LR put it here in the root of the directory...nowhere it was supposed to go.


            adobe where it went.PNG

            The folder I wanted it to go into was under \new LR current\2015\11 nov\



            Berate me for ranting, but I believe there is a serious problem with LR 2015.2.1.


            Windows 10 - X64


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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              Hi again, (and I was a bit harsh in my post- sorry!)

              Yes the new import dialog is just as complicated as the old version- with 'less' features!


              If I can be of help here are some suggestions-


              1. Selecting the 'Add' option will always Import your images leaving them exactly in a folder where you placed them using the OS.


              2. With the 'Copy' option-You must always select a 'Master' destination folder as the location where you want to 'Copy' your images files.

              The folder you want must show in the Destination panel next to "Destination Folder".  In your instance that would be- "new LR current"  or  "2015"   (my screen-clip shows "ANSWERS")


              If you do not see     "new LR current"  here, then you must click on [Select] and use the windows file explorer dialog the select that FOLDER.

              Do NOT let it default to the root directory!


              3. Do NOT place a tick in [Into Subfolder :] as this complicates even further.

              (If you insist on naming your sub-folders as you want then- Yes,  check this box, but set [Organize :] to be "Into one folder" )


              4. Set [Organize] "By date"


              5. Set Date Format from the drop down box.

              Here is also where it gets complicated-

              Any date format with [/] in the format template means it will create a  folder hierarchy.

              eg.  {2015/Nov}  would create for you    { new LR current/2015/Nov/image files }

              I suggest you only select date formats WITHOUT the [/] (at the bottom of the list)


              eg. {20151105}  would create for you   { new LR current/20151105/image files }

              {2015 November 05} would create for you   { new LR current/2015 November 05/image files}


              So to sumarize-

              1. 'Copy'

              2. SELECT the [Destination Folder]

              3. Uncheck [Into Sub-folder]

              4. [Organize] "By Date"

              5. Set [Date Format] to a template WITHOUT a [/]


              My choice is for [Destination Folder] = 2015, Date format "20151105"

              So my folder tree is like-  My Pictures / 2015 / 20151105 / image files.