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    Automating custom scanning to searchable pdf


      Hey Forum!


      First time visitor with a question that I hope to find answers for.


      My office has a function in which documents are scanned to PDF from a Canon ADF scanner using Acrobat XI Pro. The specific process is as follows:

      1. Insert documents(packets) into ADF (a packet can be 1 page or more at a time)

      2. Open Acrobat XI Pro


      4. Click SCAN, the scan settings/parameters have already been selected but are

           a. Canon DR-6010C scanner

           b. Front Sides

           c. AutoDetect color mode

           d. 300 dpi resolution

           e. Letter paper size

           f. New PDF Document output

           g. Optimize Scanned PDF

           h. Make Searchable(Run OCR)


      5. Once the scan/optimization is complete. then save the scan to a specific folder on the computer.


      Once the docs have been scanned, an MS Access database displays the saved PDF so that the user can enter indexing information.


      Because of the volume of documents scanned, our scanning team performs these same steps manually dozens of times everyday. So much so that one of our users has scanned more than 150,000 "packets" over a 4-month period.


      What I'm seeking is a method whereby all of the manual steps being performed today and be performed automatically in some kind of batch process or script and be called from a button in the Access indexing database. Additionally, I'd like to have Acrobat save the files with some kind of sequential filename. Lastly, it'd be just plain awesome if I could use a separator page between packets so that Acrobat "knows" to start over.


      I'm fairly accomplished in Access database programming but don't have a clue as to how to accomplish something like this in Acrobat. So, any help is appreciated in advance and in quantities bigger than I can describe.