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    Can't seem to contact support to cancel. Going in Circles. Any ideas?



      I was excited to use Stock photos but didn't realize I'd be charged rather than truly get free 30 days with Creative Cloud.
      It was my last $30 for the week and hoping I can get a refund without waiting 30 days.
      Discouraged about trying to contact via chat or email about this. I go around in circles.

      I enjoy using Creative Cloud and have come back since it's great.
      Contacting support is turning me a bit sour on everything. It should not be so difficult and probably more clarity on if one is going to be charged for a free 30 day trial and not really a freebie.

      This business of links that go from one page to the next but really don't allow one to contact help is nuts.

      Is it only me or am I missing something?

      I am about ready to start blogging on this to see if others are having issues and get some corrections.