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    dreadful  performance

    Steve Zeeeee Level 1


      cant get out of "loading" for 1:1 previews.

      After building 1:1 previews, and leaving the collection,

      they all need to "load" upon returning

      and then many need to be rebuilt again, and often they just

      sit there "loading".  Restart LR does not matter.

      After building 1:1 some still need to be built and some NEVER build.

      and more stuff like this.  If I tell it to build one fuzzy preview, it says

      "up to date" already.  The graphics processor feature does not

      seem to have done a thing for speed improvement at any level.

      I can push the loading away by moving the sharp slider around

      but then they all have to reload again.  I cant even put together

      a simple image review of 23 items cuz then every few i have to say

      "well, it IS sharp but we cant see it".


      LR 15.2.1

      max osx 10.10.5

      16 gb ram