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    Stock Photos



      I had been using Creative Cloud and just re-signed up again. I also signed up for stock photos.

      I had no idea my free 30 days with Stock Photos was going to turn into being charged the last of the money I had for the week. And I have to wait 2 weeks for a refund.

      I am very frustrated. Every place I go on site for help keeps going in circles. No email address, no phone number, no chat, etc.
      I really appreciate Creative Cloud and was anxious to get back to learning but I'm real close to just canceling my entire subscription and say forget it.

      I forgot how much trouble I had with same thing last year with support.

      If I hadn't purchased certain products I would be booted out of chat when I asked my question.


      Why does something so good have such poor help.

      I know several years ago Dell had really bad customer service. An individual began to blog about this and after it went viral changes did happen. Of course Dell slid right back into same avenue of poor service but maybe it's worth a try with Adobe.

      I've been taught not to be rude in asking help and I haven't. I just can't seem to get any help even if wanted to be rude.

      Any input appreciated.