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    Adobe Extension Manager or Exchange issues with installing addon's


      I am trying to install an addon for Photoshop CS6 on a MAC.


      I have installed Adobe Extension manager for CS6 (6.0.8) but the view looks different to what i can find on the website

      (NO 32 or 64 after the applications)


      Screenshot 2015-10-26 13.45.57.png

      When i try and intall Webbsy Trial version I get the following error "an unexpected error occurred while trying to verify this extension.


      So then I installed Adobe Exchange 1.2.1,

      I opened Photoshop CS6 and then the Exchange.

      As you can see, this works but i cannot select any of the options..


      when I select one of the plug-ins that is showing it asks me to login.

      I enter in my adobe Id and password, but the system does not accept it..


      I know my adobe id and password is correct, because I can login to adobe with no issues via the website.