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    ACR / Lightroom GPU Support for Intel HD 4000 Mac / Windows

    jobumac Level 1



      I know that ACR 9.2 version will not support gpu acceleration in the preview window (scrubby zoom and so on) with Intel HD 4000 on Macs. But I remember someone here in the discussions wrote months ago, that it was possible to activate gpu support of Intel HD 4000 graphics with latest drivers from Intel on a Windows system.


      I am just curios if gpu support is still working on latest ACR (9.2) or Lightroom (6.2.1 / 2015.2.1) versions on Windows systems. Apple updated the Intel HD 4000 driver several time in the last 6 months, but obviously it did not help to support or bring back gpu acceleration for the ACR preview window or Lightroom Develop window (like in ACR version 9.0 and Lightroom 6 / CC 2015).