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    Search Results Not Appearing

      There is a WebHelp help system, created by my co-worker in RoboHelp 7, and posted to the RoboHelp Server 7...when you attempt to search for something, it always comes back with Unable to find a good answer to your question...even if you put something basic in the search box.

      I thought it might possibly be an issue with the error prone server, but we restarted it and still nothing. I tried upgrading the project to RoboHelp 8, and publishing it to the RoboHelp 8 Server, and it doesn't even show up in there. This project is possessed and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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          tuls.garg Level 2
          Are you using client side indexing/server side indexing in RoboHelp Server 8? This is determined by the "reindex" property in your "<RHS 8 install dir>/WEB-INF/robohelp_server.properties" file.

          If "reindex" property is set to true then you need to check the index folder in the server if the search index is getting created. Index folder is "<RHS 8 install dir>\robo\index".

          If index is not getting generated, please post your tomcat log here and we can take a look at it.
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            We are having a similar problem. However, we are still using RH7 and publishing to the server. We sometimes get search results displayed and other times the "no topics found"...for the exact same search term! We too were wondering if it had something to do with the server...will the instructions provided for RH8 apply to RH7 as well?


            I've been all through the forums looking for solutions and it appears that this is a very global problem for both versions. I've been authoring in RoboHelp since version 2 and have never really had this issue popup before. What is so different with version 7 (than say 5) that might be causing this issue?


            Thanks for any suggestions!