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    Lightroom cc cannot zoom-in to images in slideshow


      Either I am doing something wrong or there is a serious bug in Lightroom CC's slideshow generator. While it displays uncropped photos full-screen, if they have been cropped at all or I include photos from the front iPhone camera, then the slideshow refuses to zoom these lower res photos to full screen. This even happens with my HD iPhone videos! The result is that half of my photos in a slideshow only occupy a part of the screen and the others fill the screen nicely. This looks terrible and makes the slideshow function completely useless!

      Even a cheap app like 4k Slideshow Maker can zoom all photos to full screen, so this is the app I have to use instead of LR. This app also has a more sophisticated Ken Burns effect which uses face recognition technology to ensure faces remain (mostly) on screen.


      I would have thought Adobe would have developed this already for its Ken Burns effect since it has face recognition built in!


      Come on Adobe. Surely a fix to the non-functional ZOOM in slideshows should be an easy fix!

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is a minimum resolution that is needed to have LR zoom them to full screen.

          I can not tell what the value/limit is.

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            F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            To be somewhat more precise: It does not zoom over 100%. Meaning if you want them to be full screen, there resolution needs to be at least the same, or of course higher as the resolution of you screen.

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              Darrall Level 1

              That's exactly the problem! It will not zoom over 100%. There should be no problem with this, as other app such as FCP or 4K Slideshow Maker simply zoom the longest photo dimension to fit the screen.

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                Agree with your frustration Darrall...

                The Slideshow 'Crop To Fill' is useless to me because is crops (cuts-off image, or does not even expand image).

                I expect to have an option to display images that are smaller than the screen resolution to fill the screen to the nearest screen edge (fill screen to longest image dimension) while maintaining HW ratio. Some people claim that this will result in a letterbox display, but that is a lot better than double (top/bottom, left/right), large, back frames around the projected image.

                I had been using Windows freeware Irfranview 32 for over 15 years and it has the fill screen feature even since I can remember.

                With today's screen resolutions been higher than before, and possibly using smaller HW pixel resolutions images than the screen resolutions makes the images look weirdly small (very unprofessional).

                I am quite surprised, and disappointed, that LR (using LR 5 at this time) does not have this simple display functionality in the Slideshow Module while freeware programs do. (I do not want to use a separate program just to do what I expect should be a built-in functionality).

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  I agree this problem is annoying!


                  I saw the same problem elsewhere on a forum thread- with images exported out of a MS- Power-Point project. The only option was to use Lightroom to re-Export the images , resizing them up to a larger pixel dimension for the slideshow. A preset made that easy on a batch export from a folder of images.


                  I also use XnView (freeware/donation-ware) for its slide-show feature (that can also save as a pc .exe type file) It is quick and easy for lecture/workshops, etc.    XnView Software · Software for reading, organizing and processing images

                  For better quality I purchased PicturesToExe    PicturesToExe Deluxe - Photo Slideshow Software - WnSoft

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                    rz52 Level 1

                    Thanks for your suggestions.

                    I could 'upscale' smaller images, using LR or other programs,  so they would better fit to screen dimensions.

                    For the particular workflow I am using (having issues with...), this is not really feasible because:

                    1. The specific slideshow workflow uses images from numerous photographers for real-time display and judging during a photo competition.  I think is is unethical for me to modify any image aspect of the submitted images.

                    2. I am generating LR Slideshows in real-time using the built-in filters in LR. So is not realistic that I create separate viewing methods during the photo competition.


                    If there is no known LR patch for this, then:

                    1. I'll consider changing the photo competition to allow images to be created (re-sized by photographer submitting at the competition) up to 1920x1080 to maximize the projector used to its native capability. (Instead of the current, archaic, 1024x768 used by some  Photography Clubs).

                    2. Use a separate viewer/presenter as the one you suggested and task-switch to LR to update metadata image ratings and filters (not ideal).


                    BTW, the software you suggested are very impressive, specially PicturesToExe. I'll keep these in mind for other presentation situations.


                    Thanks again...

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                      WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                      For your situation- projection for judging, I have a few thoughts-

                      Using Lightroom in any way at all is possibly in some small way modifying the images, because what you are seeing is 'previews' rendered from the originals, and unless you are careful, LR could be applying some Adobe Standard settings at import. (I might be wrong here!)


                      Our local club uses Adobe Bridge for its judgings, the images are 'original' (so no ethical problems), the screen size remains relatively faithful to the image pixel size provided, Bridge is a Color managed program (so colors are as accurate as the projector can deliver), the Slideshow (Ctrl+L) can be used with manual changes (and fades- easier on the eyes), the screen is clean with the image only projected, Images can be Star rated (Ctrl+1-5) Labelled (Ctrl+6-9),  Set up Keywords for score values (but not during slideshow).

                      Images need to be sorted in folders by a preferred method.


                      You might specify 1920x1080 (Good!) but you may still get images much smaller unfortunately.

                      All the best for your pursuits!

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                        rz52 Level 1

                        Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions on this matter.

                        Adobe Bridge with full size originals should maximize viewing experience with minimal/no artifacts.

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                          It took Adobe several YEARS to add this zoom to fit small images feature to the Loop view. Now it works, and if you choose to "fit" image to the screen it will enlarge small images by zooming over 100%. Let us hope that in a few years they would finally realize that it makes sense to do same for Slideshow module. They need not be in a hurry, do they, having a smooth flow of revenue from us users, who seldom complain!

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                            The easy way to do it is to just press 'F' when an image is selected. You can still browse through images using your cursor keys at this point. This will work in both Library view as well as Slideshow view. However I have not figured out how to make the slideshow generate a full screen image for the slideshow itself.