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    A Question about 4+ bay NAS storage devices

    KyleAndrew Level 1

      Hey folks,


      Excuse my ignorance but during my new system build I am obviously also giving some thought to my storage solutions. What I am wondering is, when I see a 4+ bay NAS device, in my case I'm looking at an 8 bay now, is it possible to configure four different volumes in this same unit? IE If I wanted to run two 4tb drives as a mirrored setup (so if one fails I just swap in a new one) and call it drive G:, could I then add another two 4tb drives as a separate volume in a similar setup, as say, drive H:


      I'm not sure if this is possible, how it works, or what it is referred to as.  I would just clearly prefer this type of setup to a bunch of two bay NAS devices but perhaps it is not possible. I'm not really sure.


      Thank you in advance for your help.


      EDIT: I am also of course willing to listen to suggestions for better setups with a large amount of useable disk space as I do not personally understand the various different RAID setups very well at all.




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