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    Conditional Build based on client name - RH 10

    sangeetaaugustine Level 1

      Hi there,

      I use Robohelp 10, and create a webhelp for our software product. All our clients are from the same domain. We now have increasingly started to encounter a situation where Client A uses different field names, sees a different set of fields or even uses a different version of our product than Client B. The webhelp is deployed as per the version of the software a client uses.


      Is there a way I could use the conditional build tag to create a webhelp output that picks topics based on client names. (This might not be ideal as there might not be space on the server to host many versions of the webhelp!)


      Or even if a topic is included in the webhelp, is there a way that it gets displayed only if the code indicates it is client A or B?


      I would really appreciate any suggestions on the best strategy to be adopted here.

      Thank you,

      S Augustine