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    Adobe CC InDesign disappearing text when editing! Please Help!

    Abernardi Level 1


      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70GHz
      RAM: 8GB

      System Type: 64-bit OS

      Windows Edition: Windows 7 Enterprise

      Display Adapter: AMD FirePro M5950

      Using three monitors


      The Problem:

      When editing in InDesign my text disappears. I have to wait, click off and then click back, or zoom in or zoom out to get the text to come back. This happens on several files, various sized documents, and happens sporadically. Doing a restart of the entire system will sometimes fix the issue for about 5 minutes and then it will start again. This is really hurting my productivity and making me question my Adobe subscription. I need this fixed ASAP.


      Here is what I've tried:

      • Complete uninstall and reinstall of the program

      • Multiple reboots

      • PC Cleanup

      • Updated graphics driver

      • Text wrap is set to off



      None of these potential solutions resolved the issue.


      Any help would be appreciated!


      Thank you,