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    ID CS6 crashes when saving, exporting, writng PDF


      All of a sudden ID CS6 crashed when trying to write a PDF.


      I already tried these suggestions - several times:

      - deleted library/cache/…./InDesignSavedData

      - cleared library/cache/…/InDesign Recovery

      - deleted library/preferences/…/InDesign Defaults


      Tried it with a copy of the file - same issue

      tried it with other files - same issue

      tried to export as a IDML - same issue


      While trying all these options (and everytime clearing/deleting as above mentioned) I suddenly had the hint

      „Die Anforderung konnte nicht bearbeitet werden, da ein modales Dialogfeld oder eine modale Warnmeldung aktiv ist (Sorry, don’t know the english translation for this) … I could still open the files but still could not export, save or write a PDF.


      App is still launching - but that’s it. I just discovered some files in the cache folder I guess they should be deleted as well, but I'm not sure:

      InDesign ClipboardScrap1

      InDesign ClipboardScrap4

      InDesign ClipboardScrap5

      InDesign ClipboardScrap6

      InDesign DragDropScrap

      InDesign OSXServicesScrap


      Could you please help me … I have no idea what to do furthermore and really need to go on with my work.


      Thanks in advance, Carla