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    Indesign on Mac spinning wheel when connected to Internet, but fine when not?




      I have a brand-new Apple Mac laptop, latest Yosimite updates etc, latest Indesign updates.


      When I'm connected to the internet, and I've tried different locations and connections, and I open Indesign (even without a document open) and I try to access the top menu bar (file, edit etc.) I get the Spinning Rainbow Ball. On some connections this is as far as opening the Application will go, on others it can vary between a few seconds to minutes before it allows me to use the application. Even then the Rainbow Ball can come back at odd times if I again try to access the top menu.


      I have disabled the Welcome screen and Indesign is not looking for any missing links.


      The weird thing is if I disconnect form the internet then the Spinning Ball disappears or, if I've opened the Application whilst disconnected the Spinning Ball does not appear at all.


      Is the application looking for something via the Internet?