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    how to delete Unknown Tags

      I'm trying to edit my topics, specifically applying a new template to all of them. RoboHTML is hanging up pretty much whenever I try to edit, or sometimes even just open a topic. Although sometimes it lets me edit one or two before hanging. I've reinstalled and applied all updates. I can update all my standalone HTML pages just fine with RoboHTML. The problem is with my somewhat large webhelp project.

      This project was originally developed in a 3-year old vs of Robo. I think I downloaded a trial of Robo 7 in December and then used that to open and work in the project with no problems. Since then, corporate IT gave me RoboHTML 6. I'm thinking the problems started when I started using 6 but I had a stretch of several weeks where I didn't work in this help project, hence my vagueness on dates etc.

      In almost every topic where I have a popup link I see like 4 red squares, 2 of which say Unknown Tag. Wondering why that is and if it's part of the problem. Wondering if it's just all the versions I've used on this help project. But mostly wondering how to fix it. I have a HUGE deadline this week and the help is trashed!

      Thanks for any sugessions anyone might have!
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Lisa.

          I just want to check. When you downloaded the trial of RH7 and opened your project, did you make a backup first? I hope so and you're not trying to use RH6 to open a project that was previously opened in RH7. The two versions are incompatible.
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            Ruh roh. I didn't make a backup but I know IT has backups to restore from. However, I made a bazillion substantive changes when I was using 7 and I don't want to lose those. What I'm doing now is just applying a new template to update the look and feel. Basically new header image, footer text, and topic header/background color.

            Is there no way at all to work with this project in 6 now?
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              The code is entirely different so the short answer is no.

              What I would try is generating a CHM and reverse engineering that, as described on my site, and opening that in the earlier version.

              I have no idea if it will work but it is the only thing I can suggest. It would help if you let us know if it works and what issues you encounter.

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                Well I tried the reverse engineering thing with no luck. So I tried downloading a trial version of 8 and opening my project. Thought it was working, albeit rather slowly, but as soon as I tried to apply a master page to multiple topics (5) using the topic list/topic properties functionality, I got the dreaded referenced memory error again. I don't think this is a version issue. But I don't know what it is.

                I do see that some topics have templates attached to them that do not appear in the templates/master pages list. Would that cause this problem maybe?

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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                  Hi Lisa.

                  It might be worth trying to create a new project and importing in the HTM files.
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                    yeah sadly i did that already with same result. This help project is probably five years old by now. Maybe it's just been through too much, lol. may have to salvage what i can and start over, AFTER this week's major release for which I will probably have to manually update the header image and footer text and topic shading thru an html editor. boo.