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    Multiple Sign-Ins


      Hello, I administer a Creative Cloud for Teams organization. I have two issues...


      1). Many of my end users are frustrated at having to sign-in to their Acrobat DC applications multiple times a day. Some are prompted to sign-in every time they open a PDF document. They run through the sign-in process by entering their Adobe ID and password. It accepts their credentials but in many cases moments later they are asked to sign-in again.


      2). These same users are occasionally asked to "License this Software" multiple times and are being alerted that their "trial" is expiring. As members of the Creative Cloud Team account they should not be on a trial license. We run them through the process by selecting "license this software" and entering in their Adobe credentials which works for a time, but it always returns. This is all extremely frustrating for the end users whose workflows are interrupted many times a day. I've read through the forums and spoken to tech reps at Adobe but haven't found any definite solution for this issue.