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    Syncronising & adding folders stored on external drive keep being moved to Macintosh HD / Volumes


      Please can someone help me before I lose the will to live.


      I have just bought a new RAID array and it is an identical clone of my old RAID system.


      Once the cloning was complete, I disconnected my old RAID from my computer and left the new one plugged in.

      I then opened Lightroom 6, which immediately found and displayed my new RAID drive (along with its contents) in the 'Folders panel' on the left hand side of Lightroom, exactly as my old one did.


      However, now when I try to add a new file or synchronize an existing folder from/ on the new RAID, Lightroom imports some of the files correctly before creating a new folder in the Folders Panel called 'Macintosh HD'. It then completes the import/ synchronization process under the file structure:


      • Macintosh HD
        • /
          • Users
          • Volumes
            • RAID
              • * New or synchronized folder name*


      Once this 'Macintosh HD' folder is created, Lightroom seems to prioritize this file structure over any other.

      I.e I'll have 2000 images in *File 1* on the RAID and 5000 (/ the correct number of images) in *File 1* found in the Volumes folder in Macintosh HD.



      PLEASE can someone tell me whats going on. I have restored the catalog and gone through various process' six times, all with the same outcome.

      Many thanks in advance for your assistance!