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    Can you create a timer to limit the number of user posts in Dreamweaver?


      I am creating a website that would need to have a timer that limits the number of posts per 5 minutes.  I am trying to find the best software that would fit my needs and Dreamweaver seems to be a good option so far. 


      So what I want is like this: If I were to post on a page of my website, the person who would like to reply to my post would need to wait 5 minutes after I post, before they could reply, and would have a visible timer counting down so they knew when to reply.  It would be this way for every user.  Is there a good way to add this feature to my website using Dreamweaver?

      Thanks for the help. I am not anywhere familiar with coding, however pick things up very quickly so if it had to be coded in, I could do so if you could give an example.