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    LR 6.2.1 - Standalone still crashing

    Gary Gray Level 1

      Unfortunately, Adobe's recent update and "gee we're sorry" letter a few weeks back don't really add up to squat.


      After purchasing LR 6.x standalone back in May of 2015, I've been unable to get it to run without crashing on two different Windows PC's.  The first system was a Win 7 Pro with 16 gigs ram, Core i5 processor on an Asus Motherboard and the second is a Win 10 Pro with 16 gigs ram, Core i7 on a Gigabyte Motherboard.


      The software loads and installs correctly.  When it runs, it will inevitably crash while working in the library module when reviewing files.  This most often happens when scrolling through the grid view, sometimes when examining an image at 100% magnification.  In the develop module, it will crash just about every editing session on any camera at any time without notice.


      I've reloaded this software with each update, and each time it vomits.. 


      I'm through with it.  I paid for software that is junk.  It's uninstalled, and I seriously doubt I'll ever try loading it again.  I've wasted too much time trying to make a pig fly.


      I've reverted back to LR 5.7 and that will be the end of the line for me buying new Adobe software in the future.


      What a waste.