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    Firewors CS6 is not working


      I am on Mac El Capitan 10.11.1 and my fireworks CS 6 stop working. When I click on the program it opens up the logo in the center for about the minutes and it goes away. I uninstalled and installed and still not working, rebooted several times. Please help I'm desperate, most of my designs are done in fireworks

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          To make Fireworks sort-of work in El Capitan, you must uninstall Fireworks first, then install Java for OS X 2015-001 and install Fireworks again.


          Fireworks is not officially compatible with the latest version of MacOSX. To work with fonts, you must turn off Spotify. According to other users crashes are expected. Some functions partly work, may crash Fireworks, or are buggy.


          If anything, it is now time to switch to other alternatives. Fireworks is dead, unsupported, and its development was halted in May 2013. If you need access to your designs, keep a Mac around with an older version of MacOSX. Or work on Windows - it seems to still run on the latest versions of that OS.

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            Studio11.com Level 1

            Aghhhhh this is not working. I have an older Mac that I installed fireworks CS 6 and I am converting layered fireworks (PNG) files to Photoshop but when I use that computer it keep asking me to remove other computer licenses to be able to use, I am subscribed  customer is it possible to get Full version of fireworks CS 6 license since you're not supporting it or produce it anymore.