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    Crashes of LightRoom CC - 2015.2.1 just after opening it


      I have noticed that many have reported crashes when using the latest version of LightRoom CC (2015.2.1).  Unfortunately, I have the same experience, but what I am going to tell now I haven't seen previously reported (at least not when I have used 'Search' for finding "my problem"):


      My LightRoom (LR) always crashes soon after I open my ordinary library file. When LR "builds up" the interface, finishing the picture previews, etc., with other words, when everything looks OK, it crashes. I repeatedly have to open LR (up to 7 times so far) until it actually stabilizes and works.

      I have about 40 000 pictures in my library and feel a little bit scary and confused  about this behaviour .


      Can the problem be related to the size of the library file?

      I actually created another library and "filled it" with just a few hundred photographs. This library file I have now opened several times without crashes.


      But I have heard people having cataloged more pictures than I have, and at least earlier versions of LR have worked fine for them as they have done for me too. I think I never had any crashes before this latest update.


      I am running Lightroom (LR) on a 3 years old Mac Mini with a 2.6 Ghz Intel Core i7-processor, 16 GB memory, OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks).


      I wonder if Adobe has a solution on way of this problem which seems to me is likely due to the version 2015.2.1 of LR?

      Or is there any other solution right now (except for going back to a previous version)?