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    Adobe InDesign CS5.5 Crashes on opening.


      Everytime I open InDesign CS5.5 and try to make a new document on my Macbook Pro, it immediately crashes. I am running Mac OS X 10.10.1, but I don't think the OS is the problem, because it has always done this, ever since I bought CS5 in 2011, and have been through multiple OS X updates and nothing changes. I have also twice tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling InDesign, but still the same issue. Photoshop, Illustrator, and Bridge all work fine, its just InDesign that doesn't. I really need to work on InDesign on my laptop now that I don't have access to school computers, so I need this fixed ASAP. I am not a computer whiz, so a lot of the talk on these forums is over my head, so if you can help, please keep that in mind. Any help would be greatly appreciated!