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    Lightroom import is super buggy despite the "fix" they released and apologized for.


      New Lightroom import is super buggy.
      It crashes, doesn't recognize photos to import, or struggles to import just seven Raw photos when it used to fly importing hundreds.
      I'm trying to import photos from lightroom into a shared folder stored on our local Network/server. An operation which always worked seamlessly with any version of Lightroom pre-2015 fall update.

      All my equipment, drives, and networks have not changed, and the new version of Lightroom is the only change.
      Sometimes after four to five tries the import will work, but it will take 20-30 minutes to import 5-7 photos.


      Details on what I am using.
      Camera: Cannon EOS 7D
      5k iMac with OS X

      current version of Lightroom as of today Oct 26, 2015