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    Accidentally bought stock photos


      I accidentally bought Adobe-stock photos. I did not realize that Adobe had stored my credit card information. Normally you have to click a button and authorize them to do this. I did not. Never been on a website where the information is stored automatically. I would not have that that was legal. I clicked on "buy" for a picture but a circle came up that said "licensed" which I thought meant that the picture was already licensed. So, I did this a about five more times before getting suspicious and going into my account and seeing that I now own about $50 worth of pictures of virtually the same thing. I tried to figure this out or get some support but Adobe apparently does not provide any support unless you have a membership. I spent some time on the website trying to find a phone number, email/contact form, or a chat option. I am hoping to return some of the photos that I do not need. Anyone had this experience or have any ideas?

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