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    Automated workflow for magazine layout with Excel directory


      I am currently using (and paying) a company called Fuga-Tech for our workflow plug in but its very out of date and glitchy with CS6 InDesign...We are finally upgrading to CC, thus out dating this essential feature. 

      We are looking for a easy way to automate repetitive document production processes (ie: building 32pg magazine from a xls spreadsheet that contains ad placement, ai ad file names (>60 ads), ending in a automated finished magazine layout for print AND digital publishing).


      This plug in & workflow dramatically cuts production for our monthly publication circulating 70 magazines at 20-48pg layouts....BUT its so out of date and manual ad placement is out of the question. 


      Is there any way to recreate this automation/flow with the new Indesign CC or InCopy features?

      Any tutorials, ideas, or references would be GREATLY appreciated!