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    accessibility tags, tags bullets as <ExtraCharSpan>


      When adding tags to my pdf for accessibility it tags bullets as <ExtraCharSpan>. These are BAD tags, they put in Actual Text, so my full checker will NOT pass it, any ideas???

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          a C student Level 3

          Hi Denise, a little more information might be helpful. How the tags being generated, for example from a source application such as InDesign? What standard tag is <ExtraCharSpan> mapped to? (in Acrobat Pro, in the Tags pane, click the down arrow next to the options icon at the top left and select Edit Role Map, expand the Document Roles) Are the <ExtraCharSpan> tags nested under <Lbl> tags, or some custom tag that is mapped to <Lbl>, in a List structure? What Full Test are you using?


          Use of Actual Text should not automatically cause an accessibility checker to fail. Actual Text has legitimate, though limited, applications. In the case of bullets, a legitimate use of Actual Text is to hide a non-standard glyph under a Span tag with a standard bullet character used as Actual Text.

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            denisejohnson Level 1

            Thanks for replying a C student,

            The customer sends a pdf. It was made from CS6 InDesign. I am working in Acrobat Pro X. They added tags when they made the pdf, but so poorly tagged, I delete those and add again, so they are better formed from the start.

            I did some checking in the Role Map and <ExtraCharSpan> is above the <LI_Label>. In my tags the <ExtraCharSpan> is in the <LI_Label> tag.

            There is a bullet in the Actual Text, in the Touch Up properties tag box.

            I use the Full Check in Acrobat Pro X. That tells me I have content that will never be read. Plus it usually won't show me where it is. I make an xml doc, search for actualtext, then I can go there to delete it in the tag.

            While testing with your guidance with Role Map, I discovered that <ExtraCharSpan> is NOT in the original tags. Then when I delete theirs and add my own, that's when I come up with <ExtraCharSpan>. How am I adding them, my preferences?

            Thank You!

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              a C student Level 3

              Thank you for the information Denise. It is tough to diagnose this kind of problem without inspecting the PDF. I would try running the PDF through the excellent free PDF accessibility Checker PAC 2 from the Swiss foundation Access for All (see http://www.access-for-all.ch/en/pdf-lab/pdf-accessibility-checker-pac/downloading-pac.html). PAC 2 generally does a better job than the Acrobat Full Check both at detecting errors and pointing out the location. It also includes a handy screen-reader-preview function.

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                denisejohnson Level 1

                Thanks, I will try the PAC2. It's a head scratcher! Web Tagging is so full of quirky stuff. Learn something every day!