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    Lightroom update performance issues

    SnappyUK Level 1

      Since the recent updates, I've noticed a significant reduction in the speed of Lightroom and an increase in the amount of memory the program uses.


      The issues I've encountered are as follows:

      1. Significantly increased use of memory resources (building to 2+ GB compared to 1+ GB for previous versions)

      2. Slowed performance, resulting in jerky motion of, for example, the spot removal tool and slowed reactions to slider changes.

      3. Every time I exit the program, it wants to run a back-up, even though the preference is set to once a week.

      4. On exit, the program can hang for a time, displaying the warning "bezel is not responding".

      5. Even after exiting, the lightroom.exe process is still present in the Processes tab in Windows Task Manager, and using same amount of memory as when the program was in use.


      To confirm, none of these issues was present before the recent updates. Is there work in hand to fix them?


      (For info., I'm running Windows 7 64-bit on a PC with an Intel i7-2700K processor @3.50GHz (+ overclocking), 16GB of RAM and a GeForce GTX750Ti 2GB video card & editing pictures from a Nikon D800)