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    Ho do I move a project composition up down


      Please help, I am just trying to learn After Effects and need help. I am starting out with a free intro template. Please be patient as I may not be wording this correctly as I am just starting with after effects. I want to figure a way to move the " text compositions " inside the project up or down as they are not loading in the order that I want. Please tell me if that is possible and if so where i may be able to learn how to do it. The template i'm using is at the below link if that helps. I will try to explain this another way, i want to be able to move the text up or down in the project area as the text is not coming out in the order that I want. Thanks so much for any help and it's much appreciated. I'm using the 30 day After Effects CC trial, then i will be purchasing a copy as i will be start to take classes.



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