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    Lightroom CC new import window


      My Lightroom for OSX 10.11 recently upgraded to the latest version, and since then, I have a new import window that comes up when I click on the import button in the bottom left. Now, instead of going right to my folder directory, it offers me the choice of some predetermined, "Scanned" locations, and I am finding that this may be causing the "dynamiclinkmediaserver" process to run at 150% or higher.


      At present, I can barely import anything, and since my files are on network drives, this is causing my CPU intensive cycles.


      Does anyone know a way I can turn off this automatic scanning of folders, and go back to the method that was used before, in which I clicked import and was shown the folder directory on the left hand side? I know I can click "drive" on this new page, which will eventually show me my folder directory, but this also goes back to the root folders, and I need to drill down each time I import to get to a previously used folder.


      I am really not liking this change to something that was working perfectly fine before. Is there any way I can be smarter than lightroom, instead of Adobe assuming it is smarter than me?