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    Generate HTML 5 output.

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      Want to create some assets and generate HTML 5 output. Which of the Creative cloud apps supports it? I mean the output should be HTML 5 compliant. I am reading HTML 5 extension. Is this the answer?

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          And what for? I'm afraid your post doesn't really make much sense without a proper explanation. clearly there's a difference in generating an entire web site from Muse or Dreamweaver as opposed to just providing some snippets e.g. from Photoshop.



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            Sorry for the lack of clarity.


            Let us say I create some digital assets using Adobe Photoshop or illustrator today.

            Tomorrow I use Dreamweaver to make a web page using these assets.

            Or using AEM, content authors create a web page using these assets and templates/components created by developers.

            This web page, created using Dreamweaver or AEM needs to be HTML 5 compliant.


            With this requirement in view, if I were to select an asset creation tool from Adobe Creative Cloud, which is the best among them?




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              I'm still not clear what you are asking. All current Adobe tools are "HTML 5 compliant" in that they follow the HTML 5 formatting specs and support all current tags, functions and methods. The magic sauce is understanding the details of the generated code and which specific HTML 5 features they use and of course it's debatable, whether Muse's bloated code is "best practice", but otherwise there's not much to it. In DW you simply set the HTML level to be strict HTML 5, but that still doesn't stop anyone from using legacy code, even if the program points it out with its syntax highlighting. Similarly, people could inject "bad code" e.g. with server side editing or using a third-party code snippet that's not complaint. I'm afraid you are looking for a simplistic solution without considering all sides.



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                You are absolutely right in that I don't have any more details at this point of time.


                I would have loved to have a lot of facts before me and do a proper due diligence.


                For someone starting the journey with clean, empty slate like me and having HTML 5 compliance goal, what could be the best among Creative Cloud Tools to use?

                What is the Adobe's published recommendation?


                Or is there a set of directives, or warnings that I could offer against the individual tools? Something like "You could use Illustrator, but beware of ..........".


                I highly appreciate all your support.




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                  This might be of interest to you:





                  WEB How to choose the best tools for your project

                  • Adobe Dreamweaver is primarily for professional website developers who live and breathe programming or for designers and project managers who have learned enough HTML to feel comfortable. Although it provides plenty of designer-friendly tools and templates, the major appeal of Dreamweaver is how it delivers full access to the code, with immediate feedback (through a split screen) of what the results look like. The same content can be published for a desktop browser or for mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphones.
                  • Adobe Muse is a new tool primarily for designers who want to design and publish websites without writing code. With a graphical design interface baked in, Adobe Muse generates HTML code for publishing directly to the web. Muse sites can be hosted on the integrated Adobe Business Catalyst hosting platform or uploaded to a third-party hosting provider. Adobe Muse includes widgets, which are pre-built site features like slideshows and lightboxes, that you can drag and drop onto pages. However, Muse currently lacks support for developing sites that target mobile devices, such as the iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones.
                  • Adobe Edge, currently in public preview on Adobe Labs, is used to create web animations. The files it produces are typically added to a website using a tool like Dreamweaver. The beauty of Edge is that the animations are based on the latest open standards such as HTML5 and CSS3. With no plug-ins required, animations work on the latest PC and Mac browsers in addition to mobile devices where Flash technology is not universally supported.
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                    There is no such thing as HTML 5 "compliance", since HTML 5 is many years from being a "standard", with all it's features fully defined and supported. Compliance boils down to what a reasonable majority of browsers currently support. Basic HTML 5 code is very simple, and largely identical to HTML 4. Any program that produces HTML output and is fairly recent should have the option for HTML 5 syntax, for what it's worth.

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                      Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      guyonearth wrote:


                      There is no such thing as HTML 5 "compliance",

                      There certainly is.  The recommended Specs for HTML5 have been in place since 2014.  Prior to that, it was working draft.

                      HTML5 is a W3C Recommendation | W3C News


                      HTML5.1 is the next working draft.

                      HTML 5.1


                      Fortunately, DW CC, MU and AE all output to HTML5 web standards compliant code.



                      Just to clarify terms a bit, HTML5 is a web specification for code used to build web sites and apps.   

                      You can learn more about it at the site below.

                      HTML5 Introduction



                      Nancy O.

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                        These were really informative posts.

                        Now I am better equipped to answer my client queries.

                        I would thank everyone for sharing these wonderful pointers.