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    Delete multiple images Lightroom Android


      I have Lightroom 5 on my MacBook & Lightroom Mobile (Android) on my Sony Xperia - some images are syncing between the two devices and some are not, but I can ignore that, except that I want to delete multiple images which are only on the smartphone (around 200) and I can't find a way to sync them to the MacBook, hence I will have to delete them in the phone, but I cannot find a way to "select all" or select multiple images at the same time.   The photos are in a folder of around 2000 images, I don't want to delete the folder and risk losing all of the images, just a selection which I'm done with. 

      Also, these images are not in the native Album on the phone, so I can't delete them from there, they're not on the MacBook so I can't delete them there and resync, in fact, they don't seem to be anywhere, on any device I have, apart from in one folder in Lightroom Mobile.