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    Adobe products were not supported by iOS and android devices



      Please find our analysis on Adobe Digital Edition with iPad and Android below:


      1. Adobe products were not supported by iOS previously due to which we customized our application to open all token.acsm files with Bluefire reader alone using the below method




      1. We open the token files on Bluefire reader when user tries to download a book from our application on any iOS, Android device or Kindle Fire.
      2. We did a little test on the QA site by removing the Bluefire association for MDL files and were successful in downloading the book on Adobe Digital Editions using an iPad with safari browser which shoes open with option, but the Chrome and Dolphin browsers were unable to download.
      3. But the same test failed on an Android device as the book did not download without Bluefire association and no option was shown for the Adobe Digital Edition at all.


      Can you please Provide us the solution for downloading the token in IOS and Android devices for all the browsers providing an option to choose for downloading with Adobe Digital Edition and Blue fire reader.