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    When will Adobe Audition CC bring back VSTi and MIDI support?

    BiZDEV STUDiO Level 1

      Ok, I'm new to the sound design landscape, but I've been using the Adobe Creative Cloud for a couple years now.  Adobe's products, in my opinion, are top of the line and cutting edge.  Adobe has proved over and over to be willing to push the limits of its software development to be the best of the best. Muse for example is an amazing product.  Users gave feedback that in order for Muse to be the best website design tool on the market for visual designers, they needed to implement responsive design into the software.  Well, they actually did it, and this really is epic. This is just one example I can think of.  But here is another: Adobe Audition.  Like I said, I'm new to this, but from the research I did, I see that Audition 3.0 supported VSTi and MIDI, but these features were dropped with the latest versions.  Now, there are some of us who can design, but can't code, which is why the implementation of the responsive design in Muse was so appreciated.  I think the same is true with sound design.  Some of us can design sound, but we can't play instruments.  There are so many virtual instruments available now. Audition used to support this technology, but no longer does.  If brought back, it would obviously make audition the best sound design and editing software on the planet. So, my question is, will this be brought back to Audition, and if so, when???