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    Computer/Workstation for multicamera editing (2 cameras) (4k - 60fps - h264)

    stefang58883272 Level 1


      I would like to ask what kind of CPU I should get for this.

      Currently we are using i7 - 3770 with 32gb of ram - WD Black in raid (300 MB/s)


      The issue is that when I import footage from camera ( Panasonic X1000) the playback with just 1 camera is fine CPU at 95 percent

      When I add second camera (GoPro, or Another X1000) and enable multicam the playback is laggy. Basically it will play like 4 seconds and then it starts to lag like hell.

      I would like to avoid the solution to encode everything to lower resolution first and then do the edit.

      I do not use any effects.


      What workstation should I buy ? Or better yet which components should I buy ?


      Thank you very much.