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    Webhelp and automatic forwarding


      Hi there,

      I need help with my Robohelp Webhelp. Our Software, for which I am writing an online help with Robohelp, consists of different modules that contain a variety of sumbodules, e.g. Module A contains the submodules 1 and 2.


      I have created a topic that is supposed to give an overview of the entire module A. In that topic I have put Drop-Down-Hotspots for each submodule explaining the purpose of the submodule in short. In each Drop-Down-Hotspot I inserted a bookmark.  My intention: If the user opens submodule 1 in the software and presses F1 he should be forwarded to the overview page and there to the related bookmark while opening the Drop-Down-Hotspot.  Therefore I downloaded this “link to drop down” script. When I generate the webhelp everything seems okay. I go to Submodule 1 and press F1 and I am getting forwarded to the bookmarked Drop-Down.


      Now, I want to get information on submodule 2 (which I configured the same way as submodule 1). So, in the navigation pane, I click on “Submodule 2” and expect to get forwarded to the bookmark of the drop-down-hotspot of submodule 2. But nothing happens. Nothing at all. Not until I navigate to a completely different site before clicking “Submodule 2” in the navigation pane again. Then, it will work.


      How is that possible? Why wouldn’t Robohelp switch to the other bookmarked Drop-Down-Hotspot?  Can anyone help me?  I hope that my text is not too complicated and you know what I am talking about.