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    quicktime glitches issue

    kanadiou Level 1


      i have an issue with quicktime since i've updated to win10.

      I can't read properly anymore my quicktime and h264 in after effects, bridge or even in quicktime.

      With vlc it's ok, or on my mac, but with my windows 10 computer i can't.

      i have some stranges glitches or compressions error, that are not exist, it's just after/bridge/quicktime that can't play it correctly.




      I know it's a codec issue, because before update i had no problems at all.


      Now i can't read correctly or even render.


      Anybody would have an idea ?

      i tried to remove quicktime, then resintall older versions, installed ffdshow, tried to remove other video softerware to remove codec problems, but nothing works...