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    Mac Pro core count "best" for photoshop, but also Premiere.

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      Hi Everyone,


      Im wanitng to purchase a New Mac Pro and I've been going back and forth on what specs to get.


      I currently have a late 2013 Retina MacBook Pro.  2.3GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB Ram, 2GB GT750M, 500GB SSD.  I do a lot of panorama stitching (D810 with 4-8 photos), and its a bit slow stitching them together.  Once these panoramas are together, it becomes very time consuming to use any 3rd party filters on them (Nik Software, Topaz Suite, etc)... and things like transform and liquify can sometimes get fairly laggy  on 100+Megapixel stitches.  I also shoot a lot of corporate videos, primarily with a Sony A7S/Shogun combo shooting in various ProRes flavors... mainly 1080 but im starting to do more with 4k.  In Premiere, render times keep going up and up as im doing more with grading and effects (and its gets quite choppy trying to view it in real time before rendering), and MultiCam edits definitely slow things down.


      With that said, im hoping that a New Mac Pro will be a big step up in performance for the panorama stitching, and be ready for when im doing more with 4k video.


      My main debate is 6-core vs 8-core vs 12-core.  This is a business expense and im willing to spend the money if its worthwhile, but each step up is ~$1500 and I want to make sure its truly worth it.


      From what I've read, Photoshop has a "sweet spot" around 6 cores, and gains are minimal after that.  It seems that Ram makes the biggest difference after 6 cores, so I'll definitely be adding 64 GB of Ram after I get the Mac Pro (order with 16, put the 64 in myself).  The flip side of the coin for me, is that it seems Premiere is able to use as many cores as you can give it.


      So I guess my question is... is an 8-core or 12-core a total waste for Photoshop?  At each extreme, would I actually be better of with a 6-core over a 12-core since the 6-core has decently higher clock speed?  Is the 8-core the sweet spot?  And assuming all else is equal (same video cards and amount of Ram), is the 8 core "worth" the extra cost over the 6 core (it seems the step from 6 to 8 isn't as large as 8 to 12).  Will Photoshop ever (or in recently updates has it changed?) be able to utilize more than 6-cores?


      Id like to get this ordered soon, but im horribly indecisive and want to make sure im going into this as informed as possible.  Given the cost, id like to get at least 3 years out of it.  I know the next refresh of the MacPro will probably happen in early 2016... but that doesn't help me now so im OK with buying it now and just knowing I wont have the most recent version for very long.


      Also, Windows computers are simply not an option.  Been there most of my life, and dont want to go back.


      Thanks in advance for any help/advice.