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    cfscript syntax coloring

    Jeff Goody_594

      I've been using CFEclipse for years, but want to give CFBuilder another shot. I can't get the coloring to do what it does in CFEclipse in cfscript. Basic tags like writeOutput and abort are simple black text in CFB3, while they are colored in CFEclipse. I've looked in the preferences under Coldfusion-Profiles-Editor-Syntax Coloring and cannot change anything that corresponds to the cfscript CF commands. Am I missing something, or is this unavailable in CFB3?

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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are other tags and functions colored for you, and CFML uniquely compared to HTML? If not, it could be that your problem is that CFB is not recognizing your file completely as a CFM that should be handled differently. You may say, “well it’s a CFM file extension. What more should it need?”


          But in fact some features in CFB only work if you open the file as part of a project, and that a “CF project”. Are you opening your file with the navigator on the left? And from within a CF project? That would be the first place to start.


          Also, have you confirmed there are no available updates? There could be a hotfix that solved a problem related to this.


          These are the first things I’d consider. Hope that’s helpful.





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            Jeff Goody_594 Level 1

            Thanks Charlie,


            I did a new install of CFB3 just a couple days ago, and created a new CFML project, and added a simple index.cfm page. I then added a cfscript tag and simply coded: writeOutput( "Hello World" ); in it.
            The cfscript tag was colored, and the string was colored, as I opted for those in preferences, but that writeOutput was plain black.

            I changed every option in the preferences to 'enabled' and nothing changed.


            It's kind of a deal breaker to using CFB3, as I have really come to rely on the coloring.

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              charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I want to clarify first that I had not tested what you’re asking, so I’m not saying it should work. I’d expect it to, but this could be an unresolved bug.


              Still, I would add that while you say you installed CFB3 recently, I suppose that means you presume it to come with the latest available updates already, right? In my experience, it does not. They don’t build a new installer every time they have an update. So again, check (using the help menu, and “check for updates”) to see if there are any available updates. Let us know if there are any, and if after updating it, you still don’t see it color coding as expected.


              And if that’s so, you may want to file a  bug report at bugbase.adobe.com (though I realize you’ll be tempted to just move off to another editor. Still, if someone doesn’t report the problem, it may not get fixed.)



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