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    (CC)After Effects warning: a problem occurred when processing openGL commands


      How can I get away from the message, which appears quite often? It is quite irritating! Today, I purchased and installed Adobe CC.

      I am using a PC and my GPU information is like this.


      Fast Draft: Available

      Texture Memory: 678 MB

      This setting also affects hardware-accelerated panels.

      Ray-tracing: CPU

      unchecked on "Enable untested, unsupported GPU for CUDA acceleration of ray-traced 3d renderer.

      (GPU not available - incompatible device or display driver)


      Vendor: Intel

      Device: Intel(R) HD Graphics

      Version: 3.0.0 - Build

      Total Memory: 1.66 GB

      Shader Model: 4.0 or later



      Driver Version: 1.0 (5.0 or later required)


      I hope somebody could help me get out of this pit! Thanks a lot for reading.